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Briva Publishing is an evolving content publishing project by Briva, which enables and supports authors and content creators to expand their work digitally, across the globe.

We publish and market digital products, programs and events on global online platforms by using high-performing strategies, allied to tailor-made technology for each of our authors.

In doing so, Briva participates with authors in encouraging and influencing positive change and personal development in the lives of millions of people across the planet.

Publishing & Media

Briva specifically publishes educational digital products such as audio-programmes and courses, and promotes events such as launches, seminars and trainings, directly related to those products.

Technically, how does it work?

Simple. We take a digital product and put it up on a website of it’s own. We create loop strategies through digital marketing and direct response marketing, so people can try a sample of the product, and buy it because they like what they try. In this process, we get their contact details, and build a list for that product, so to establish a relationship with the client, and re-market associated products.
It raises your customer lifetime value because it raises the chances of customers buying from you again.
That’s an intelligent use of traffic and resources, we know… but here comes the even better part. The marketplace where the product is set up and transacted, has thousands of affiliates which can help promote the product and gain a commission for every product they sell. So this is like having thousands of salesmen directing quality traffic into the loop on the product website, and selling your product to potential customers all over the world.

What if you don’t have a digital product?

Well, that’s no problem, we we’ll help you create and produce one. All you need to have is excellent content that can be transformed into a digital product, either written, in audio or video, or even a combination of all three.
But there’s no need to worry about this, as we’ll provide you with all the necessary information you need, to understand everything there is to know about Digital products.


Get Published with Briva

If you are an author, mentor or coach for the well-being and personal development industries, then we’d like to get to know you, and work with you.

We Support our Authors

Our innovative and creative mentality, professional traits and company culture have built us the reputation of being an awesome and company to work with. Customers often refer to us as family because we’re always available to understand, adapt and guide them in this venture.

We Launch Globally

We work with authors who’s work has the potential to go global and reach maximum exposure, by using specific media and online resources. By using specific strategies, we can easily expose authors to markets composed of millions of people; which is a dream come true for any author.

We Keep Growing

Briva outperforms any traditional publisher by building highly profitable products with Authors, which readers and students absolutely love! And the best thing about working with us is that our strategy models are scalable which allows for even greater profit margins, whilst Authors still get to enjoy their freedom and independence.

We Focus on High Quality

At Briva, we’ve set a very high level of standards, for both our work and for the products and services that we endorse, because it is our way of keeping order and quality in the markets we perform in. As we perform at outstanding peak levels of creativity and engineering in order to create the most memorable experiences for customers, it is therefore our top priority to work with and endorse only those which have a high level of quality and credibility.

Are you Ready to Become an Author?

Whether you are already an established author, or just getting started along the path to become an Author, we’d like to get to know you and work with you.
Please contact us through this special page, and we’ll get in touch with you with more information.