With Love and Dedication

“Our mission is to influence and encourage positive change and personal development in the lives of millions of people across the planet.”

Briva Publishing enables and supports authors and content creators to expand their work digitally, across the globe.

We publish and market digital products, programs and events on global online platforms by using high-performing strategies, allied to tailor-made technology for each of our authors.

About Briva Publishing

Briva is a well established digital publishing company based in Sintra, Portugal, with a branch in Rio de Janeiro, which expands on evolutionary ideas through the use of human centred technology, digital media and life transforming experiences on a global scale.

We use unrestrained creativity, technology and user experience to position the authors that we work with, often creating life changing solutions for our customers. And that is why our Publishing and Brand Management strategies are so efficient, as they enable us to provide ongoing support, to communicate holistically and measure customer growth in a variety of different arenas.

We constantly strive for innovation and different ways to push technological boundaries in order to create better results, and better experiences, which constantly take everyone by surprise.

We are not service suppliers, we are partners, and our best ideas are the fruit of well established relationships based on our mission and values. And this is the backbone that supports our daily processes and interactions.

Our Manifesto

This is where Briva began, and these are the main values which keep us moving forward, in which we believe in and for which we stand.

Purpose and Integrity

We keep out integrity intact by being, doing and earning everything in an ethical and legal manner, and in perfect alignment to our mission and values.
Power, clarity and all relationships derive from this responsibility, and that’s the only way that we can touch the heart of everyone who interacts with our projects.

Forward Thinking

As a tech based company, we have the opportunity to use our creative abilities to drive the future, and influence positive change on a global scale.
We strive to make the most of that opportunity and use future oriented thought to create new contexts and experiences. We believe that the future should not look and feel like the past, but rather make use of the past to radically improve the future.

Interaction is Evolution

In order for anyone to experience our work and our company, we give a great deal of attention to interactive creation.
Everyone at Briva – including our customers – are vowed to evolve together. We incentivise people to flourish and stimulate growth and creativity every day.
We celebrate the good and challenge the downsides, as every event is an opportunity to learn, That is the spice of life.

Equality on every level

Equality is our most valuable cultural asset.
Internally, we perform as a peer group promoting diversity, mutual trust and motivation between teammates.
Equal opportunities, and equal access to information result in a transparent and non hierarchical company culture, where fun, weirdness and responsibility walk hand in hand.

Our contribution to the Planet

We believe that every business should have the responsibility to minimise environmental impact, compensate for carbon emissions and contribute to social causes which can change the lives of thousands of people around the world.
Supporting NGO’s who defend our social and ecological heritage is a function inherent to all of us.

At Briva, all of our products, services and operation procedures are carefully analysed and modified to minimise environmental impact, including the efficient use of energy and the formation of alliances with suppliers who implement their own environmental and social practises. We’ve also minimised all office printing to an amazing 30 A4 printed sheets per year!

By working with Briva, you will also be participating in the incredible mission of changing millions of lives all over the world. For each book that we sell, part of our profits are donated to reforestation of the Atlantic Forest and other global activism programs. So you’ll get to participate twice in making our planet a better world to live in.

Are you Ready to Become an Author?

Whether you are already an established author, or just getting started along the path to become an Author, we’d like to get to know you and work with you.
Please contact us through this special page, and we’ll get in touch with you with more information.